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When you fire up GT Sport, it asks you to choose your control scheme so if you prefer to use the D-Pad to steer instead of the analogue stick, you can do that right at the start. This deserves special mention because it neatly classifies three popular control schemes and makes the choice easy for beginners.

It felt at times as though I was a part of a genuine brawl, in deference to my usual strategy of mashing the face buttons of my controller with my palm. Mixed martial arts video games have popped up more and more over the last decade as the global popularity of the Ultimate Fighter Championship soared. I am probably the last person on earth who should be reviewing a UFC video game. I’ve never seen a UFC fight and I only know names like https://ultraiso.downloadsgeeks.com/ Ronda Rousey because my social media feeds never stop talking about her. It would seem, however, that developer EA Canada have tried to account for this possibility. Echo VR is a spinoff of the excellent space adventure Lone Echo. One of that games’ hooks was the elegantly implemented zero-g movement, which made for a unique and compelling experience that used VR in a profoundly inventive way.

During day races, we thought the trees looked pretty average but otherwise the tracks, surrounding elements, and cars all look great. Once you are done with some of the challenges in this mode, you’ll be ready to take on more modes in the single-player campaign. You don’t have to complete the Driving School mode to play the rest of the campaign, but it’ll help you get used to some of GT Sport’s tracks and cars, apart from teaching you useful tricks. There’s no shortage of top-tier first-party racing games on the Xbox One thanks to the likes of Forza Motorsport 7 and Forza Horizon 3, but the same can’t be said about the PlayStation 4. It has been four years since the release of Gran Turismo 6, and Sony has finally released the next entry in the franchise — Gran Turismo Sport. The key to finding this rich, creamy centre is knowing not only the rules but your fighter’s own limits. By far my biggest gripe withUFC 2 is that the tutorial on offer could charitably be described as paltry, so novices trying to learn the ropes may feel a bit overwhelmed.

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Leaving yourself open at the wrong moment can have devastating consequences, while landing a surprise punch at exactly the right moment may start the dominoes falling in the other direction. Despite a brief stint on struggle street as I learned the rules of the sport, once I had my bearings it became clear that the game works surprisingly well as a fighter sim.

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Similarly, it classifies the number of assists in the game into three neat cards and you choose based on your expertise with racing games. Experts will want all assists off, while beginners will need a bit of handholding in terms of steering, transmission, and braking. There are 16 tracks in the game at the moment and that’s more than enough variety. At launch, GT Sport doesn’t include rainy weather, which is a bit of a let-down in an otherwise visually stunning game. The graphics in this game are overall really good and it truly shines during night time races.

Thankfully, there are a number of skill challenges that pick up the slack from the undercooked tutorial and are compulsory play for anyone new to the series. I found I was better at ducking out of the way of takedown maneuvers and then punching people directly in the nose with the force of a semi-trailer, thus I built my fighter around these noble goals. After watching a few real-world matches in preparation for this review, its easy to see the way the game follows the same beats and it feels better for it. It’s these opportunities that require constant vigilance on your part, both offensively and defensively.

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