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I’ve been doing them overnight to avoid impacting the users. ShareTweetShareShareEmailCommentsMicrosoft recently released Windows 10 version 1909 aka November 2019 Update. There is a minimal number of new front-facing features in this build compared to previous feature updates like version 1903, for example.

Traditional Windows 7 Snap View works in desktop mode Windows 11 with classic and universal applications, enhanced by the new “Snap Assist” interface. Snap Assist works in tandem with Task View, a new feature that allows users to create multi-panel environments within the same Windows 11 sample. Now you can also capture applications from different panels and group them together using the Snap Assist user interface program, each of which is controlled by mouse or by touch.

You are already on an older version of Windows 10 and have not installed the KB update. A new Windows 10 update is wreaking havoc yet again for unsuspecting PC users. This new update (version KB ) is so unstable that users are reporting frequent system crashes — including the dreaded Blue Screen of Death. If your device is compatible with the new feature update, but you’re having problems with Windows Update, you can use the Update Assistant tool to install the Windows 10 May 2019 Update on your computer. If using Windows Update and your device isn’t seeing the update, there could be a block that Microsoft is using because the new visit site version still not compatible with your hardware or software configuration.

Disable Startup Software

At the same time, this program will offer several ways to upgrade the arsenal of systems to the new OS for corporate users, which means that it is not free for both custom versions of Windows 11. This action changes all applications to full screen, which makes the icons a bit larger and allows users to access the initial screen as in Windows 8, but much more updated. As soon as you plug in the keyboard, the device prompts you to return to the original mode.

  • Download and install the tool, then open it up and agree to the license terms.
  • OurHow to install Windows 10guide will show you how.
  • ’ page, select ‘Create installation media for another PC’ then click ‘Next’.

Pausing Updates

I manage around 40 Dell PCs of different ages and have updated them with each Win 10 upgrade from the start. This 1903 is the slowest yet and hangs around the 85%+ stage for ages and can take minutes to reach 100% from the 85% point and then the long blue screen final stage. So if you are doing this upgrade be prepared for it to take an hour or two.

It is more like a large cumulative update or what we used to call a “service pack” back in the day. Running Windows Update either automatically or manually on a regular basis ensures that you get the latest security updates to the operating system, so it’s a good idea to play it safe and stay current. To prevent your system from updating itself, go to the Update & Security menu, click Pause Updates for 7 days, and repeat this weekly until a new version of Windows is released without the issues.

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