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A game that is missing non important pieces like dice or playing pieces are less likely to be affected as games that are missing key components. Missing even one piece, even a minor one, drops the value of most games by a significant amount but the games still have some value. Some collectors will buy incomplete games hoping to get the missing parts from other people. Game pieces for rare games can also sell for a lot of money especially if it is a game that is regularly missing pieces. For example I have sold individual parts for the game Fireball Island on eBay for $20 each.

  • Gonzo helps out with many conventions and use to be a long time Pressganger before the closure of the program.
  • She now paints for commissions, game companies, and occasionally to sell on Ebay.
  • Gonzo is a long time player and DM for many numerous RPGs and avid collector.
  • He started playing and collecting RPGs since 1980, starting with Dungeons and Dragons.
  • She and her husband help run the AdeptiCon Hobby Lounge, better known by attendees as Fort Wappel.

If you find a rare game that has a lot of the pieces but not all of them you can make quite a bit of money selling the pieces off individually to people that are just missing a couple pieces from their copy of the game. For games that I haven’t reviewed I would check out Board Game Geek for rules. Board Game Geek has a page for most board games except for some really niche games. For quite a few of the games there is either a scan of the rules, a overview of how to play the game or a link to a website that has the instructions/explanation on how to play the game free online multiplayer games.

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This is totally a guess but if you could find someone who is looking for the game you may be able to get $50-$100 for the game with it being unopened. If no one is interested in an unopened copy though you probably won’t get much more than you would for an unopened copy. If it is from the 1930s-1950s it could be worth a lot especially considering the topic. Old board games from the World War 2 era can be worth a lot of money especially if they weren’t reprinted a lot like Monopoly which appears to be the case since I could find no mention of the game online.

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I looked up The West Edmonton Mall Game and it does have a Board Game Geek page. It doesn’t currently have a lot of information about the game but the users on Board Game Geek are usually pretty helpful.

I am guessing you could get some value for the game, but I am guessing that it will take some time to sell as I am guessing there isn’t a large audience of people that are actively looking to purchase the game. It is really hard to find rare games in an unopened condition. The most important thing is that the game has all of the pieces. You wouldn’t want to play a board game that is missing pieces and collectors don’t want a board game that is missing pieces.

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If you leave a message on the forums for the game asking for instructions a user that owns the game may either give you a scan of the rules or could give you an overview of how to play the game. It may take a little time though since only 16 people on the website own a copy of the game. I would not consider it worthless though because people do prefer unopened copies of board games. Unopened copies of games can sell for multiple times what an unopened copy does. Of the two games I would guess that the Gabriel game would sell for more than the Waddingtons game.

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